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Case study - Client: University of South Florida, Tampa, Fl


Courtesy of Wahaso - Water Harvesting Solutions

Project: Rooftop rainwater to flush toilets. Patel Center for Global Solutions.

Challenge: The Patel Center is the first LEED certified building at the university of South Florida, and sustainable water practices were an important objective for the building's stewards. With an estimated occupancy of 700 students and 70 teachers and employees per day, the system needed to capture, store and treat enough rainwater to meet the demand of 1,400 gallons per day and over 1,000 flushes.

Solution: Wahaso sized the system to store 30,000 gallons of rainwater filtered from the roof in a single fiberglass tank built by Containment Solutions. The high-capacity pumps were housed in a wet vault located below grade next to the tank. This helped minimize the amount of utility space required by Wahaso's processing system.

Results: The building was commissioned late 2010.

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