Case Study: Confidential Aerospace Company


Courtesy of IHS Markit

The Company
This confidential aerospace facility is one of the largest facilities in its company, with approximately 7,500 people spread across 234 separate buildings.

The Challenge
The facility is a Title V permitted facility and is a major source of VOC, NOx, and HAP. It is also subject to Aerospace NESHAP, and faces the possibility of additional NESHAP requirements in the future. With numerous personnel responsible for meeting hundreds of permit requirements, the facility needed an environmental information management system (EMIS) that would be more effective than the paper-based system it had formerly been using.

The Solution
The facility implemented ESP's opsEnvironmental software in 1999. It selected opsEnvironmental over competing products for several reasons: first, the software's web-based task management and reporting was ideal for the facility's dispersed operations. Second, its flexibility enabled staff to manage a variety of complex regulatory scenarios. Third, the software's automated data collection and powerful reporting capability would enable the facility to demonstrate continuous compliance in real time. And a fourth consideration was that opsEnvironmental had previously been implemented elsewhere in the company with good results. Because of its strong performance record within the company, facility staff were confident that an investment in opsEnvironmental would deliver measurable results. In the years since its initial implementation, the software investment has rewarded the facility with numerous tangible benefits, including:

Preventive environmental management. By triggering automated e-mails when permit thresholds are nearing, opsEnvironmental helps staff detect compliance breeches before they occur, thereby enabling staff to take action to prevent the problem.

Compliance visibility. Instead of being stored on paper, now data from throughout the facility is entered into the opsEnvironmental database, either through manual web-based data entry or through electronic data transfer. Centralized data storage allows easy generation of reports that show real-time compliance status. The level of EHS compliance visibility the software has provided goes far beyond anything that was possible under their previous paper-based record-keeping system.

Time savings. With opsEnvironmental in place, EHS staff at the facility can manage their environmental program proactively, and therefore spend less time fixing compliance problems. The facility's air compliance coordinator reports, 'We have cut our inspection time in half. Thanks to opsEnvironmental, we now have far fewer deviations to report. And a recent onsite regulatory inspection that was expected to take 3 days instead took only two.'

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