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Case study: Contract title - ADCO Drilling Operations


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Contract Location: Habshan, U.A.E.
Contract Start Date: 10/2002
Contract Finish Date: 2005
Quantity Treated (m3): 30,000 tons
Treatment Method: Thermal Desorption
Rate of Treatment (m3/hr): 3.5 to 4.5 tons per hour (dependent upon feed)
Working Hours per Day: 24
Working Days per Week: 5.5

Project Description:

RLC Technologies contracted to manufacture equipment to be used for the ADCO drilling operations in Habshan, UAE. The equipment was used to process drill cuttings.

Project requirements per contract exert:

The typical composition of the Waste cuttings or Sludge, is as follows:
Solids Content: H70% Volume/Volume
Oil Content: H25% Volume/Volume
Water Content: H5% Volume/ Volume

The above mentioned Waste shall be treated to reduce the Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH), as per EPA procedures SW846/8015B and 1664, to below an environmentally acceptable limit of 0.5% Weight/Weight and to satisfactorily dispose of or recycle all recovered solids, liquids and other material used in the performance of the Services in compliance with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and also ADNOC / ADCO guidelines.

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