Case study - Controlling odors at a specialty plastics manufacturer


Courtesy of OMI Industries (OMI)


A specialty plastics manufacturer in the eastern United States makes a plastic compound that, because of its unique and desirable properties, is widely used in the automotive industry.

Complications arose for this manufacturer because, in the production process, mercaptans are driven off and produce a non-hazardous but offensive nuisance odor problem. The manufacturer's neighbors were not happy, and logged multiple complaints with local authorities. It was clear a solution was needed for the odors, and fast.


The plastics manufacturer started researching their options and solutions for their odor issues, compiling a database and contacting suppliers. OMI Industries, Inc., a leading manufacturer of natural odor eliminating products, responded to their information request promptly.

Additional factors that complicated the situation were the large size of the facility, and the fact that the manufacturer had several production lines and multiple exit points for the offensive odors to escape the facility. OMI field sales engineers completed a site survey and devised a plan to address the issues using a combination of Ecosorb® products and customized equipment.

A temporary air atomization system pushing Ecosorb 606 at a rate of 40:1 was installed to abate the immediate problem so that the plant could continue to operate. The system addressed multiple exhaust stacks and exit points in the facility from one central location. The odors were eliminated, and production continued.


The system that was installed was put in as a temporary solution until the manufacturer could decide how to solve the issue for the long term. The facility continued to research their options, and tested multiple other systems and technologies while the Ecosorb product kept their neighbors and the regulators happy. In the end, after multiple tests and trials, they determined that Ecosorb 606 was the best solution to the problem, and have upgraded and installed permanent Ecosorb distribution equipment in the facility, utilizing a 450 CFM Vapor Phase System pushing undiluted Ecosorb 606.

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