Case study: custom precision mechanics components manufacturing


Courtesy of Watman Ltd.

Ojala Group’s (owned by Flextronics) mission is to build, maintain and develop mutually beneficial long-term partnerships with customers within the telecommunications, electrical and electronics industries as well as the automation and control industries. Ojala Group is committed to constantly satisfying its customers' changing needs thereby adding value to the customers.

Ojala Group offers its customers comprehensive capability and expertise, and a complete service in custom integrated enclosures and related products’ production processes, from design and engineering to JIT delivery. This highly competitive combination enables the customers to simplify their supplier base and to improve their competitiveness through higher cost-efficiency, quality levels and reliability of delivery.

Caring for the environment is a joint responsibility. Environmental management systems in accordance with ISO 14001 are in use in all Ojala Group factories. Identification of environmental aspects and legal requirements is the principle for the implementation of the Environmental Management System. The environmental objectives are efficient processing of raw materials and energy, and minimization of waste and other environmental strains.

Ojala Group operates responsibly by recycling all possible metal scrap and packaging material. To increase the awareness of environmental issues the company trains and informs its personnel on an ongoing basis.

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