Case study - Dansk Dekommisionering


Courtesy of Envotherm A/S

Cost effective and environmentally correct handling of radioactive wastewater

Dansk Dekommissionering, formerly known as Forskningscenter Risø.
The Institution Dansk Dekommissionering was established in September 2003 with the purpose of taking over the responsibility for the nuclear facilities at the Risoe Research Centre.

Handling of radioactive water from different process related to nuclear activity, such as decontamination cabins and certain washing facilities.

With the out phasing of activities on the nuclear area, the old evaporator became obsolete due to size, noise level, energy consumption and the constant need for monitoring. A more modern solution was required.

Commissioning of an Envotherm ET200 E•MVR system, which can clean op to 1.200 m³ radioactive wastewater per year. The advantages over the previous solution was multiple: Compact design, internet monitoring, low service cost, low noise level, low energy consumption and great flexibility in case the system would need relocation at a later stage.

Customer statement:
The new evaporationsystem is more efficient, use less energy and can run by itself, explains Operating Engineer Anna Warberg Larsen, and continues: at the same time it is mobile, so when the Processing Station is closed down and decommissioned, the system can be moved and incorporated in a new set-up.

Customer comments

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