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atg UV drives value & performance into ageing UV systems for Dee Valley Water

atg UV Technology were selected by Dee Valley Water to increase performance and drive value into their existing UV treatment facility by retrofitting their existing Ultraviolet disinfection treatment plant with two state of the art atg UV Technology Ultraviolet disinfection systems, complete with dual SPECTRA control panels for enhanced process control.

atg UV engineers minimised costs and inconvenience for Dee Valley Water, who supply water to over 250,000 people in the North West of England and the North East of Wales by modifying the chambers of their existing and ageing UV system to suit atg's advanced Ultraviolet lamp technology and leading UV wiper system.  Each chamber was modified separately allowing the other stream to function as normal ensuring no disruption to the mains water supply was caused.

logger can provide performance data which can be easily downloaded to a PC or Laptop for review.

With over 25yrs of experience and achievement, atg UV is a world leader in Ultraviolet technology for a range of applications.  Strong commitment to innovation and development means that atg UV's range of Ultraviolet products offer customers the best choice available when quality, reliability and consistency need to come as standard.  For more information please visit

The new atg UV treatment package consisted of two UV disinfection systems to provide protection against water-borne pathogens including chemically resistant species such as Cryptosporidium, which has a thick outer membrane making it highly resistant to traditional treatment methods such as chlorination.  The modification process at Dee Valley Water involved fitting new UV monitor probes to the existing chambers, and then adding specially designed modified end flanges to accommodate new atg specified UV lamps.  Finally a robust mechanical atg UV automatic quartz cleaning system was added to ensure that the UV treatment continuously runs at optimum performance.

Two state-of-the-art atg UV SPECTRA control systems were included in place of the previous single control system to ensure Dee Valley Water's treatment package was now truly a duty-stand-by system, ensuring full automatic control of the disinfection process.  Using microprocessor technology, SPECTRA combines many innovative features such as fully automatic start-up and shut down, multiple lamp monitoring, process interlocks and automatic quartz cleaning.  Additionally SPECTRA's on board data logger allows engineers to easily download performance data to a PC or Laptop for review.     

atg UV, with over 30yrs of experience and achievement, is a world leader in Ultraviolet technology.  Strong commitment to innovation and development means that atg's range of UV products offers customers the best choice available for when quality, reliability and consistency need to come as standard.  These products, plus service, support and spares are available now from atg UV Technology and distributors worldwide.

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