Case study - Descaling already deposited calcium scale from injection moulds and preventing new formation leads to increased efficiency increased production and reduced downtime


Courtesy of Fluid Dynamics International Ltd

MGH S.A of Pergamino Buenos Aires ARGENTINA… tells in their own words how Fluid Dynamics Colloid-A-Tron Technology improved the efficiency of their injection moulding circuit

MGH S.A. is an Argentinean company dedicated to the production and commercialisation of plastic cable ties

MGH were founded as importers-exporters in 1880 and since 1994 have been working under licence from General Wiring Components Ltd of Taiwan, one of the biggest Taiwanese producers of plastic cable tie elements. MGH are the branch for Latin America of GW.

Convinced of the importance of having a local production complementary with importation, MGH decided to establish a cable tie manufacturing company in Argentina under a Joint Venture agreement and a Technology transfer arrangement with GW of Taiwan. In September 1999 we opened our production plant in the city of Pergamino in Buenos Aires, with modern technology in injector machines of high performance.

Currently 60% of our production is exported to Latin American markets and the balance to the Argentinean market where we have a market share of share of 40%.

The plant comprises with 10 injection moulding machines of thermoplastic refrigerated by water which had suffered since the origination of the plant with the problems of scaling, because of this we had to perform regular maintenance on the heat exchanger which had a serious impact over the plant's productivity.

As a result of the recommendation of an external consultant in April 2008 we decided to install a Colloid –A- Tron non chemical descaling unit of 1' in diameter on the inlet to just one injection machine as a test………. within two weeks we could see positive results.

Surprisingly, the scaling which had been present in the mould for years completely disappeared. We had totally been unable to remove it with either chemicals or mechanically.

As a result of that experience, in May 2008 we decided to order a a Cat 300 ( 3” Colloid-A-Tron) for the refrigeration master circuit to protect the tubes of the injector machines at the exit of the pumps.

Since that moment the problems of scaling in the injector machines stopped and no maintenance of the heater exchanger has been required we have also had improvements in heat transfer, almost total reduction of downtime and reduction of rejects.,

We consider our case as a complete success, because for many years the problem of scaling had been considered one of the principal impediments of the good operations of the plant.

About Colloid-A-Tron

Colloid-A-Tron is a truly green product precisely designed casting made up of a number of different metals, the unit when installed in a flowing water line will affect calcium carbonate in the water so that it does not scale and will often cause removal of existing scale. The unit uses no electricity requires no maintenance and carries a full performance guarantee. Units are installed world wide in applications ranging from cooling towers to treating whole towns to ice machines in supermarkets.

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