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Case study - Dual-reagent ISCO “Fast-Tracks” cleanup of Orlando Brownfield


Courtesy of Geo-Cleanse International, Inc.

Description: A Brownfield property impacted with chlorinated solvents was the planned location for the home of the Orlando Magic basketball team.

Contaminants: Chlorinated solvent contamination was present in soil and groundwater with PCE concentrations greater than 14,000 ug/L and potential presence of DNAPL.

Remedial challenge: The City of Orlando was looking to obtain a pay-per-performance contract to complete remediation within a short time frame in order to prevent construction delays for the development. The highest concentration of contamination was present at the top of a basal clay unit, which posed a potential rebound source due to back-diffusion of the PCE.

Remedial approach: The remediation treatment program consisted of a “treatment train” approach with the injection of catalyzed hydrogen peroxide for the source, and the injection of sodium permanganate to achieve the cleanup target levels and prevent back-diffusion from the underlying clay aquitard.

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