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Case Study - Eastern Municipal Water District


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Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) is a water utility in southern California, providing both drinking water and treating sewerage for a substantial service area. EMWD purchased the ESS solution to replace an aging legacy MS Access application managing compliance data for wastewater operations, as well as managing process operator control information. The volume of data collected by hand in the field led to a design element requiring the development of a handheld data collection device and integration of the device with the ESS application. E2  has developed this integration using Symbol Technology handheld barcode scanner devices for data input, a staging database for syncing data to and from the ESS application, and a data validation interface for supervisor approval of the data from the handheld's.

Additionally, process control calculations required by EMWD required the performance of calculations across several process units at a time. The ESS application calculation engine is designed to calculate only within process units for outfalls, stacks and control devices. E2 is developing a custom application in ASP.net that will reside within the ESS database framework and user interface, but allow users to calculate parameters across process units.

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