Case study - EDRO in soil at wharf remediation site


Courtesy of Sitelab Corporation

Sitelab Calibration Kit CAL-042 is used for EDRO analysis. The UVF-3100 detects hydrocarbons in the C10-C36 range.

A Licensed Site Professional (LSP) used Sitelab to investigate a commercial waterfront property, contaminated with a plume of LNAPL resulting from fuel tanks which once stored heating oil, diesel and gasoline dating back to the 1950s. The site is in Massachusetts, where laboratories are required to test TPH in soil using the Mass DEP’s method for Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbons (EPH).

EPH is very similar to U.S. EPA Method 8015M and other GC-FID methods which detect hydrocarbons in the C10 to C36 range, except aliphatics and aromatics are reported separately. When adding all the fractions together, Sitelab correlates well. The EDRO kit is formulated to account for the aliphatics which are not detectable by fluorescence.

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