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Case Study - El Paso Corporation


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In 2005, El Paso Corporation contracted E2 to assist in the evaluation of existing environmental information management business processes and systems, and ultimately to provide strategic recommendations for improved environmental information management for twenty functional EHS topics. E2 established key objectives with workshop participants. The collective objectives identified for the project were:
  • Identify efficiency opportunities
  • Assess multitude of systems that EHS relies upon for data management (seven existing systems)
  • Improve trending and data analysis
  • Improve data accuracy
  • Identify opportunities to integrate with existing systems (Max imo, COMET, etc.)
  • Eliminate or reduce redundant data entry
  • Improve data consistency
  • Assist in assuring regulatory and internal compliance
  • Help focus resources on highest risk areas
  • Improve environmental performance reporting to executive management
  • Support company direction towards increased corporate social responsibility reporting
  • Improve alignment of staff resources to highest value activities

The strategic planning analysis took 4 weeks from the initial workshop meetings on-site. A phased design and implementation approach was recommended and E2 has been engaged for solution design recommendations. In 2008, E2 assisted with deployment of a Share Point based web portal and assisted with vendor selection for a waste tracking system. Working in concert with El Paso IT and the software provider in 2009, E2 provided software configuration, data loading, report development and related implementation services for the waste system supporting 200+ locations.

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