Case study - Environmentally friendly vapor combustors, flares and incinerators


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Today’s industry requires innovative, cost competitive solutions to meet the ever growing and changing needs in the market. ABUTEC has developed a full line of “Environmentally Friendly” Vapor Combustors, Flares and Incinerators to meet these demands. The HTF (High Temperature Flare) and MTF (Medium Temperature Ground Flare) offer a flexible and scalable solution to clients in a variety of industry segments. The technology has been proven in several industry segments including Landfill and Wastewater treatment plants, Mine and Coal bed Methane, Biogas facilities, Ethanol Load Out and Truck Load Out, Petrochemical plants and Refineries, Dehy Facilities, and several facets of the Oil & Gas Industry.

ABUTEC’s flare line offers distinct advantages over traditional technology. First, our units meet the strictest environmental regulations Technology). Secondly, each system is designed for your specific application, reducing capital costs. The technology is able to burn very low calorific gas (as low as 180 btu/ft3), offering savings in makeup fuel, and will fully and completely combust some of the toughest hydrocarbons. This is the only technology capable of offering a full 10:1 turndown, without the need for gas boosters or other auxiliary equipment. Furthermore, the HTF and MTF are temperature-controlled units that are fully testable by local and state regulators, ensuring all your NOX, CO, and emission needs are met and utilized.

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