Case study - EPH in soil evaluation study at tank farm site


Courtesy of Sitelab Corporation

Ambient Engineering, Inc. (Concord, MA) used Sitelab to investigate and remediate a former tank farm along Boston Harbor contaminated by a large, subsurface plume of commingled diesel fuel and No. 6 fuel oil.

Ambient’s Licensed Site Professional (LSP) had the opportunity – and budget – to evaluate Sitelab against three certified laboratories. Soil samples were collected from ten different locations having different depths and concentrations. Samples were analyzed using the Massachusetts DEP’s method for Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbons and results were compared to Sitelab’s UVF-3100A analyzer for EPH C11-C22 aromatic hydrocarbons, the primary TPH driver for this site.

Geoprobe drill rig was used to collect samples. Soils were carefully homogenized and split four ways so that each laboratory received the same material for analysis.

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