Sitelab Corporation

Case study - EPH in soil with No. 6 fuel oil

Courtesy of Sitelab Corporation

No. 6 fuel oils (heavy fuel oil, bunker C oil) is often used in industry for heat, steam or power generation. A consultant used Sitelab to investigate two different spill sites contaminated with subsurface plumes of NAPL resulting from leaking underground storage tanks (USTs).

Soils were collected from borings using a drill rig and field screened for their EPH aromatic content. Split samples were then carefully homogenized and sent to an offsite laboratory for confirmation analysis. No. 6 Fuel

Samples are extracted in methanol using test kits and then measured on the UVF analyzer’s EPH optics calibrated to Sitelab’s PAH Calibration Kit. Results correlate well to the Mass DEP’s EPH method by GC-FID.