Case Study Ethiopia - NGO Operated Water Station


Courtesy of Trunz Water Systems AG

NGO / Jesuit Sisters Missionaries

Semera, north-east Ethiopia / on the Awash–Asseb highwayThe installation is within a compound and operated by the Missionaries of charities

In Ethiopia, a country that is often struck by drought and hunger crisis, the topic of waterplays an important role in the future development of the country and its inhabitants.A German water consulting company established three projects in different areas of Ethiopia(Afto, Jemeya and Semera). The projects in Afto and Jemeya are independantly financed bya local NGO and combine the idea of the water shop concept and additionally include theselling of power/electricity.In Semera the drinking water produced by Trunz Brackish Box 002 powered by hybrid energyis being given to the local community for free. Semera receives a monthly service fee for themaintenance of the complete system.They already had a borehole with a diesel pump whereas the raw water is hot and salty.The technical solution to produce drinking water was placed in a tower with three stories.The raw water is on the ground floor, the Trunz unit is on the first floor and on the top floorthe two drinking water tanks and the wind systems are installed.

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