Case study - Eva Ahlstrom Foundation - Advancing children’s rights in India


Courtesy of Ahlstrom-Munksjö

Ahlstrom is supporting Eva Ahlström Foundation  whose mission is to support underprivileged women and children in Finland and elsewhere in the world. The Foundation is supporting UNICEFs Water, Sanitation and Hygiene -project in the Madhya Pradesh state in India.     

Results achieved with the 200 000 EUR donation to date to Eva Ahlström Foundation are truly compelling.

The WASH project enables especially girls to go to school advancing equality, which is a topical issue in India. Previously there were no toilets for girls why they had to stay home. The school children learn about hygiene and take the messages also home acting as agents of change.

The most common cause of death in Madhya Pradesh is diarrhea caused by dirty water. The project aims to ensure clean water to all inhabitants. UNICEF is building wells, improving sanitation and educating about hygiene.

Initially, 150 schools are in the project covering 37 500 children and 15 000 families. Inspired by the initial success of the project, the Madhya Pradesh state invested 40 million USD to improve sanitation in its schools. By March 2013, a toilet had been built in 41726 schools with some 88% of the toilets having separate girls’ side. This means that 17 million children have been helped! The social impacts are multiplied by several hundred times from the original scope. 

The project is following Ahlstrom values, advancing basic human rights and aligned with our principles for philanthropic contributions the company makes; to support education, healthcare, clean water or the environment – all in the spirit of Eva Ahlström who was a pioneer for social responsibility in Finland!

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