Case study - Even during the cold period I turn off heating at day 13!


Courtesy of DACS A/S

Two years ago Mr. Piljan from Boljevci in Serbia bought a DACS ventilation system for one of his existing 4 houses. The aim was to find out which ventilation system to choose for his new houses that he was about to build.

- I cannot say that I was dissatisfied as such with the existing ventilation system as what I had was a system
similar to that of all my colleagues: minimum/medium ventilation through side wall inlets and tunnel ventilation and cooling pads for maximum ventilation.

Still Mr. Piljan was struggling with the performance of the minimum/medium ventilation system in his existing houses. During late autumn, through winter and into spring it was very challenging to maintain a good climate and a good litter in the house. The heat needed to keep the climate in the house at an acceptable level was simply much too high and consequently the profits were significantly reduced from this.

Walking on the edge of a knife

- During this period the heating system was more or less running flat out to keep set point on temperature and humidity. We worked hard to keep the climate in the house and naturally we also tried to lower the heat consumption but it was like walking on the edge of a knife. Too little heat addition immediately caused problems with the litter. This was also affecting the air quality and the bird performance in the houses.

Much lower heat consumption

With the DACS system Mr. Piljan quickly found out that the climate in the house could be easier controlled and actually at a much lower heat consumption. The new DACS ventilation system simply ensures a stable in-house climate and consequently dry litter throughout the house. No matter outside weather conditions.

Stable in-house climate

- A stable in-house climate and dry litter mean everything to the performance of the birds. What impresses me the most about the DACS ventilation system, is that I can turn off the heating in the houses at day 13 - even during the cold period - and still be able to keep set point on temperature and humidity throughout the production. Now I have five houses with DACS ventilation and hopefully within long all eight houses will be equipped with DACS ventilation, Mr. Piljan says.

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