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Case study - Feichtinger KG – Austria - Quartz Sorting



Feichtinger KG is a private company from Esternberg (Upper Austria) and provides approximately 30,000 tonnes of quartz per year to the RW silicium GmbH Company. The company has been active in the mining of quartz since 1972 and currently employs 18 staff. In addition, Feichtinger KG is also involved in riding arena construction (www


Due to increasing customer demands it became necessary to sort out impurities (the green and red stones) in high quality quartz. Consequently, Feichtinger KG issued a tender request in 2012 for elimination of these contaminants through a sensor-based sorting machine. lt was also necessary to implement the sorting machine directly onto the existing screening machine and thus have minimal influence on the operation.


Several successful sorting trails being conducted by BT-Wolfgang Binder in collaboration with the customer. The sorting machine was installed directly onto the existing screening machine and thus have minimal influence on the operation. This facilitated the minimization of additional costs as well as savings in space. The mineral sorting machine has been in successful operation separating impurities from quartz since June 2013. These contaminants can be readily identified and sorted with the REDWAVE 1300 S (mineral sorting machine). The installation of the machine and the adaptation of the existing plant were carried out by the client.

Technical Data

  • Type of machine: REDWAVE 1300 S 1CA
  • Input material: Quartz
  • Capacity: 60 to/hr
  • Material size: 20-80 mm
  • Working width: 1300 mm
  • Sorting system: Line scan camera

The owners of Feichtinger KG, Joachim and Fritz Feichtinger, also commented that: 'We have been very impressed with the REDWAVE technology and the existing established system at Leube, and we are very pleased with the sorting equipment.'

Customer comments

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