Case study - Fitmar, Mexico


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Coming from a long line of professional fisherman, the Fitmar family business made a switch from fishery to aquaculture. Seeing aquaculture as a more future proof way of supplying seafood to the local market, this was a very deliberate choice.

In order to establish a professional and economically viable model, Fitmar decided to invest a lot of time and effort in optimized hatchery and nursery techniques, including advanced feeding and health protocols to reduce the risks caused by common pathologies.

1,600 m2 raceway tanks

Today the Fitmar hatchery covers approximately 1,600 m2 of raceway tanks, covered with greenhouse structures to ensure maximal environmental and temperature control.

4-5 kilos per m2

The strict application of advanced feeding protocols, a rigorous health prevention approach and the use of state-of-the-art probiotics results in an impressive yield.

2014 test results

In a test performed by INVE Aquaculture together with Fitmar in 2014, advanced methods yielded larger PL and improved survival in both hatchery and nursery stages.

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