Case Study – Food/Beverage Industry / TSS/BOD/FOG reduction


Courtesy of Genesis Water Technologies, Inc.

A fish meat processing plant wanted to reduce their effluent discharge costs and eliminate chemical cost in primary waste water treatment.

Genesis Water Technologies with its local partner provided engineering, and design of a electrocoagulation solution with prescreen and post solids separation that eliminated chemical usage in the primary clarification process.

The raw effluent was pumped from the primary holding tanks through a rotary drum filter to extract large solids larger than about 1 mm (1/32”). The pre-screened waste water stream exited the rotary filter and was collected in a tank to be delivered via a submersible pump to the electrocoagulation (ECG) system followed by a dissolved air flotation system to remove the coagulated floc.

The raw water had an extremely high TSS and FOG (fat, oil and grease) content.

The flocculated solids could be used as a valuable source of renewable energy. The independent laboratory analysis showed that the floc had a solids content of 42.3%, of which 29.7% was fat.

70% reduction in discharge charges and potential to reuse water as well as utilizing solids floc to create renewable energy to reduce power costs.

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