Case study - Freeman, Batavia, OH


Courtesy of Invisible Structures, Inc.

Project Name: Freeman Enclosure Systems

Products: Rainstore3

Applications: Underground Stormwater Detention

City: Batavia

State/Province: Ohio

Install Date: February 2016

Client: Freeman Enclosure Systems

Install Size: 6720 Units, Three separate chambers.

Address: 4160 Willimasburg Township, Batavia, OH

Designer:  Larry Roberts Construction

Contractor: Larry Roberts Construction

Directions:4160 Willimasburg Township, Batavia, OH

Photography:  John Miles, Hydrosource

Summary: Freeman Enclosure Systems manufacturing was expanding and needed more parking.  Parking was moved to the front of the building from the rear.  With the expansion, additional stormwater detention was needed.    The site and surrounding area has a high water table and space was limited.  Rainstore3 was chosen for it’s efficiency (94% void space), flexible design, and stack heights.  Stacks of 10 high / 1 meter / 3.28 ft, were placed in the chambers.  Three separate beds/chambers were placed on site.  Two of the chambers are connected by pipes and essentially create one larger chamber, hydraulically. The three beds of Rainstore3 chambers work in conjuction with the existing detention pond to capture and detain the stormwater falling onto the property.

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