Case study - From mines to the slopes


Courtesy of ABUTEC LLC

At ABUTEC, the only thing we like more than having fun is helping OTHERS have fun!

That’s why we were excited about a project recently with the Oxbow Coal Mine in Somerset, Colo. For more than 100 years, Oxbow has been free-venting all of the methane from the mine, which ends up being approximately $1 million worth of fuel sent into the atmosphere with nothing to show for it.

However, Denver-based Vessels Coal Gas saw an opportunity for a unique partnership between Oxbow and Aspen Ski Resort. After installing co-generation units and flares to burn off the mine’s excess gas, the newly-generated energy was harnessed and used to power Aspen Ski Resort.

We call this a win-win situation, because harmful gasses aren’t being released into the atmosphere at the rate at which they had been, and Aspen Ski Resort has a much greener source of power.

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