Case study - G20 Summit focuses on economy in a very green, sustainable facility


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Sustained Green Wall Adds Ambiance, Energy-Efficiency and Utilizes Water Recycling!

With a reported 16,000+ people attending the 2012 G20 Summit in Los Cabos, Mexico, twenty leaders from the world's most powerful economies met in a newly constructed, state-of-the-art green facility -  the  Los Cabos International Convention Center (ICC).    These leaders, which collectively represent around 80% of world's trade volume and more than 2/3 of the world's population, discussed economic policies on how to achieve   international   financial   stability,   among other   global   issues.   However,   the   discussions most likely were not about how the property manages to keep such a large 2700 m2, lush   green   facade   well   maintained with a hidden MyFAST® wastewater treatment plant.

As the first such summit to occur in Latin America,  new infrastructure and  a  new convention  center  in Cabo   San   Lucas   was   necessary. 'Built specifically for the purposes (of' hosting conventions and summits such as [the G20 Summit], the [Los Cabos International] Convention Center...can compete with the likes of other Mexican  hotspots  such  as  Cancun,  Puerto  Vallarta, and Mexico City.'

The ICC was built with the G20 agenda in mind. Namely, a focus on green infrastructure, energy and water efficiency, and financing the fight against climate change. According to project's consulting engineers, ICA Construction Urbana (http://ica-construccionurbana., the ICC was built in a record time of six and a half months. 'The project began on November 15,  2011   and  was completed  on  May  31   2012. Usually, a project of this nature takes approximately two years to be completed.'

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