Case study: Gates Development Company, Denver, Colorado


Courtesy of Remediation Products Incorporated (RPI)


In March 2005, LT Environmental, Inc. (LTE) implemented its TerraCert™ program, a precision remediation process, to treat groundwater impacted by trichloroethene (TCE) and other regulated chlorinated hydrocarbons at the Gates Development Corporation (Gates) facility located in Denver, Colorado. TerraCert™ involves evaluation, design, and installation significantly enhances the availability of injectate to the contaminants in the subsurface.

The project was high profile and required rapid closure due to the potential for redevelopment of the property. As a result of the sales-purchase agreement, the property was divided into north and south parcels. Due to the client desire to obtain a No Further Action (NFA) letter, the contaminants of concern (COCs) and the fast track nature of the project, the site appeared to be an ideal candidate for the TerraCert™ program. Voluntary Clean-up Plan (VCUP) applications were submitted to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). The objective of the project was to obtain an NFA letter to meet the sales agreement and allow for rapid development of the property.

Subsurface impacts to groundwater were apparently the result of releases from two separate sources: an underground TCE storage tank, and TCE-laden sludge, discovered in a former disposal area. These TCE sources were the result of luggage manufacturing operations conducted from 1923 to 1971.

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