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Case study - Georgia Gulf Chemical & Vinyl, LLC, Aberdeen, MS


Courtesy of Sidel Systems USA Inc.

Our company purchased a Sidel SRU 400-80 condensing economizer from Marspec in 2010. Today it operates on an 80,000 pound/hr boiler, but was sized to also handle the exhaust flow of a second boiler of 40,000 lb/hr in the future.

The economizer has run without requiring any maintenance, and has worked effectively in the time since it was installed. I was really surprised when I saw how much condensate was being produced, and the savings in natural gas costs have been substantial.

Our Condensing Economizer includes a Sidel Therm & CO2 Counter that confirms how much energy is being recovered, and how much CO2 my company is not putting into the atmosphere. Investing in this money-saving technology has been good for the environment and good for our bottom line, and thanks to the folks at Sidel Systems we've had a fantastic experience as well!

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