Case Study - Groundwater: 125 GPM Water Well


Courtesy of Advanced Geosciences, Inc.

Groundwater Well Locating for West Texas Fracking Operation

Date:  June 20, 2014

Site:  West-Texas – undisclosed oil and gas field

Equipment:  SuperStingR8 WiFi with SwitchBox112 with passive cables spaced at 6m.  Dipole-dipole and strong gradient array

Software:  EarthImager2D with a finite element inversion model

Results:  Resistivity imaging successfully located a relatively high production water well producing approximately 125 GPM in a region where 10 GPM is common when not using resistivity imaging. Several areas more likely to cause cave in hazards for drilling equipment and/or expensive loss of drilling mud were also located nearby on the same section.

Shallow fresh water aquifers were restricted from use therefor deeper wells were preferred.

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