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Case Study - Hawaiian Electric Company


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Providing support to power plants, electrical sub-stations and base yards across the Hawaiian Islands, the Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) Environmental department had a goal to replace their current manual methods of data collection and reporting with a software solution to help streamline environmental related reporting across the company. In 2005/6 E2 was retained to develop a corporate Environmental Management Information Systems (EMIS) strategic plan followed by solution design and implementation services. Key areas under consideration for HECO planning included:
  • Waste Management
  • Hazardous Materials Management/Chemical Inventory/SARA (311, 312, 313)
  • Incident Reporting
  • Compliance Management/Task Tracking
  • Key Performance Indicators / Metrics
  • Air Quality
  • Process Wastewater

As a part of the strategic planning and design effort for HECO E2 provided the following scope activities:

  • Developed understanding of HECO workflow's and business requirements
  • Reviewed current Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) systems
  • Identified current gaps and risks
  • Provided system Keep, Modify, Retire recommendations
  • Developed system requirements specification
  • Develop pilot scripts for vendor demonstrations
  • Facilitated commercial software vendor demonstrations
  • Provided software vendor analysis, scoring and design recommendations
  • Developed estimated project costs and deployment schedule
  • Developed phased design and implementation recommendations (i.e. next steps)

Both the EMIS Strategic Planning and Design projects were completed on time, within budget and provided HECO with the necessary information to properly define their EHS information management system as well as justify the need to implement the system to upper management.

In 2008 E2 began assisting HECO with deployment of the preferred commercial software package. The first phase entailed deploying a common framework for compliance “task” management to assist with tracking and managing a myriad of environmental compliance activities. These tasks included both one-time corrective actions to recurring obligations associated with air, water, waste, and other permit management activities. E2 continues to provide ongoing maintenance and support as additional functional modules are being planned for deployment.

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