Case Study - Heatset Web Offset Printing (2)

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Courtesy of Kono Kogs, Inc.

Problem: New press additions required more oxidizer capacity than the existing systems could provide.
Equipment: Unit #1: Refurbished Catalytic Recuperative; 4000 scfm (1985); Installed 2002.

                    Unit #2: Refurbished Catalytic Recuperative; 5000 scfm (1993); Installed 2003.

                    Location: Florida

Project Details:
This heatset printer had two existing oxidizers that were undersized for future needs. They already had experience with catalytic recuperative oxidizers and were very happy with their performance. Due to the high boiling point oils in printing inks, heatset printing is one of the more difficult applications for oxidizers. Improper design can lead to condensing of oils, which can bind components (dampers, sensors, etc.) leading to down time and, as we have seen, possible replacement of oxidizer systems due to ignition of the condensate. Kono Kogs has extensive experience in the heatset printing industry, so in addition to low cost refurbished oxidizers, we can provide a pollution control system tailored to a printers specific needs.

Solution Provided by Kono Kogs, Inc.
For this printer Kono Kogs provided a refurbished, warranted, catalytic recuperative unit with excess capacity, at a cost of less than 40% of a new unit.

Within one year this printer added a new press and needed additional pollution control capacity. They purchased a second catalytic oxidizer from Kono Kogs. Their two existing oxidizers were taken in trade on the new system, significantly reducing their investment in the larger catalytic oxidizer.

Both catalytic oxidizers have provided superior performance and reliability. Unit #1 (1985 vintage) has provided >97% VOC DRE; Unit #2 has not yet been tested.

Equipment / Services Provided by Kono Kogs, Inc.:

  • Unit #1: Low cost catalytic oxidizer at approximately 40% of new equipment prices.
  • Unit #2: Another low cost catalytic unit at 50% of new equipment prices
  • Reduced costs further by taking two existing catalytic units in trade

'We had two catalytic systems in operation when we purchased our first refurbished unit from Kono Kogs. We knew a catalytic system was the way to go, but the availability of a warranty on a used system, and Kono Kogs reputation, helped us make the final decision to buy a used system. The 1985 vintage unit looked great when we received it and it tested out great when we had our stack test (>98% VOC destruction). So when it was time to increase capacity for our other press lines, we did not hesitate to go back to Kono Kogs. They even made our second purchase easier by taking two older systems in trade on a refurbished unit.'


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