Case study - high strength wastewater can be treated...FAST


Courtesy of Bio-Microbics, Inc.

Installer: Spiers Construction, LLC.
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The Wholesale Meat (Owyhee) Packing Plant in Homedale, Idaho was established in 1989. After 20 years in business they were faced with an unfortunate situation, a failed septic system.

The plant is located within a quarter mile of the Snake River – which borders between Idaho and Oregon. Since the 1960’s, the Dept. of Health has monitored the water quality of the waterway tributaries and the Snake River itself.

The wastewater produced from the meat packing plant is 7x the normal levels of BOD and Nitrogen for domestic wastewater. The plant produces approximately 2,000 gallons a day of this concentrate.


The system consists of a 2,200 gallon holding tank to catch the organic material and fi lter through a sand and grease trap off of the kill fl oor. The sewage bypasses this tank and goes through three 1,500 gallon precast concrete septic tanks for settling. The treatment phase consists of a poured in place 10,000 gallon treatment tank and the HighStrengthFAST® 9.0, manufactured by Bio- Microbics, sits inside.

Two combined 1,500 dose chambers with a set of duplex pumps complete the system before the pressurized treated water is sent out to the acre-sized drain fi eld.


Everyone has been very pleased with the results; everything across the board is reduced over 90%. The health department was skeptical, at fi rst, that the HighStrengthFAST® 9.0 could handle the high concentration wastewater produced at this slaughterhouse. The poor water conditions and the close proximity to a main waterway was a major concern, so several required tests throughout the year verifi es that there is no need to add additional treatment.

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