CASE STUDY - How Kinetico saves the essence of commercial businesses


It is no secret that hard water significantly reduces the efficiency and lifetime of a boiler and heating elements. The harder the water the stronger and more immediate the consequences: lime scale all over the heating elements in use of any technology; lack of efficiency, slow down in processes; increased expenses through energy bills and maintenance costs.

At Kinetico we help businesses remove the hardness offering our customers various solutions for treating hardness at different levels and flow rates. Some of these solutions are built-in solutions to larger systems, hence, our customers are thoroughly testing the Kinetico water softening technology and benchmarking it against other water softeners. This case study will refer to a 3rd party lab testing on boilers and we are naturally both pleased and proud to experience that, when put to the test, our softeners perform so well providing a much better result than the substitutes.

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