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Case Study - Huhtamäki


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Huhtamäki - improving business performance through non-financial key performance indicators

Huhtamäki Oyj is a global consumer and specialty packaging company aiming to realize business benefits from sustainability performance. In Huhtamäki, internal performance benchmarking and bringing non-financial indicators as an integrated part of everyday management is a continuous development process. Also, the ever increasing need for more transparent and faster reporting to investors is pushing Huhtamäki to develop its non-financial management process even further. To facilitate the process Huhtamäki is utilizing Tofuture’s Corporate Sustainability Management system and Hyperion joint sustainability software. This allows efficient, reliable and accurate data management and stakeholder reporting according international guidelines such as the GRI reporting guidelines. Also, managing key performance indicators in the system such as energy efficiency, waste management and occupational health and safety has contributed successfully to Huhtamäki’s business performance.

“Tofuture CSM allows us to collect analyse and report sustainability data in a way that it is more useful for the internal management purposes. We have shown clear business benefits through better management of our non-financials. Naturally we also use it for our external reporting”

- Mats Hagerström, Environmental, Health and Safety manager, Huhtamäki

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