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ITELLA – Carbon footprint calculation with the help of Tofuture
Itella is a service business whose core competency lies in information and product flow management. One of the key issues on Itella´s responsibility agenda is the carbon footprint of its service products, e.g. letters, parcels, unaddressed mail, magazine delivery and hybrid mail services. Tofuture helped Itella to introduce systematic carbon footprint calculation by developing a system that makes it possible to model the mail delivery process, that is calculate significant environmental effects for different process phases. Thereby, Itella is able to calculate its carbon footprint per product category, per product type and per single product delivered. All this information is used for customer reporting, product development and directing customers to more efficient and responsible solutions of mail delivery.

Itella is the winner of the Postal Technology International Awards 2011. Read more about the environmental achievement of the year.

“Providing accurate information about our products´ carbon footprints and Itella´s efforts to minimize our environmental impacts is very important for us. We want to be as efficient as possible from both economical and ecological reasons. We truly believe, that time for Excel based responsibility reporting is over”.

- Hanna Kaustia, Environmental Director, Itella Corporation.

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