Ivey-sol tank decontamination and vessel cleaning - Case Study


Courtesy of Ivey International Inc.

The refining and hydrocarbon processing industry is ready for the new wave of vessel cleaning technology. Ivey-sol is a new patented product that greatly reduces downtime and improves overall safety while providing immediate cost savings for any tank cleaning process. Ivey-sol8 is non-toxic: non-corrosive, non-hazardous, 100% biodegradable and also non-skin sensitizing. Ivey-sol is simply mixed with water (at 3 to 6%) to form micelles ''chemical cocoon-like encapsulations' which seek and surround the various forms of hydrocarbons. Ivey-sol can be premixed or introduced into the water and can be sprayed, steamed, circulated or left to stand.

Why Use lvey-sol8for Cleaning?

The new 'Micelle Encapsulation Chemistry' of lvey-sol£ technology enables the reduction of typical concerns with traditional chemical cleaning and degassing processes. Using lvey-solsfor a tank cleaning process saves time - enabling your vessel cleaning process to be ahead of schedule - and in the process providing immediate cost savings while ensuring an increased level of safety.

Ivey-sol penetrates the hydrocarbon liquids, shuts down tr vapours and encapsulates the sludge within a process vess which renders combustion inflammable. It also shuts down Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and iron sulfides.   Ivey-sol* can be used when pressure washing, premixed into boiler water to produce steam, injected into existing steam lines or circulated into the process.    lvey-solg replaces harmful cleaners such as diesel, caustics, and xylene(s).

Ivey-sol Approvals

  • Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive, Non-Hazardous, 100% Biodegradable, and Non-Skin Sensitizing
  • Accepted for use by Canadian Provincial and USA State Regulators for the in-situ and /or ex-situ remediation of NAPL contaminated sites
  • Two Canadian and Two USA Patents Issued. Several International Patents pending

The Benefits of using Ivey-soPforthe Cleaning Process

  • Selective encapsulation of Hydrocarbons and Cleans Effectively
  • Improves Personnel Safety by Reducing Flash Point Issues (LELA/OC)
  • Eliminates Benzene, H2S and Pyrophoric Iron Concerns
  • Reduces Steam-Out Time and Provides Quick Vessel Entry and Sludge Breakdown and Removal
  • Able to be Merged into the Shutdown Operations, Minimizing Turnaround Time and Reducing Outside Contractor Cost
  • Reduces Hazardous Waste Disposal Requirements. Ivey-sol  solution added to the sludge creating a slurry that allows for easy removal. Slurry can be processed through an API separator and recoverable fuels can be separated from sludge.

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