Case study: Kelleher residence


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Customer Name: Kelleher Residence
Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia

The challenge: Mr. Terry Gearhart of Virginia Power contacted Steril-Aire to see if it could help in solving mold problems in one of the power company's 'energy efficient' sponsored homes.

The homeowner complained about moldy odors, black particles and allergy type reactions. Steril-Aire contacted one of its representatives to provide a Steril-Aire RSE product as a test. If it worked, Virginia Power agreed pay for everything.

The solution: The Steril-Aire representative supplied the Virginia Power selected contractor with an RSE, which was installed in September. From reports, the homeowner witnessed a noticeable difference in the home's air quality. As Virginia Power had had air and surface sampling done prior to installing the RSE, they wanted to quantify the owner's reactions with another round.

Results: In a letter to the Steril-Aire representative, Gearhart reports: 'Since installing the UVC Emitters, interior RH levels have stabilized in the low 50% range when the HVAC equipment is in operation and the distribution of the 'black dust' that has been problematic for so long is gone. This is supported by the most recent lab results we have obtained from their return air filter showing trapped mold spores down to 1,500 colonies from a high of 150,000 colonies per gram of dirt (99%). Don't know if we can close the file on this customer but I am thrilled with the results we obtained to date'!

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