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Case study - Keycare


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Keycare are leaders in the field of key recovery and replacement. They achieve business and personal growth by putting performance and results first and by investing in the personal development of their people in addition to supporting the wider community outside the business. Keycare have a number of values that suppo1rt business and personal growth. Their values were one of the factors which led to Keycare winning the Best Private Sector Company with fewer than 250 Employees in 2008 at the North of England Excellence Awards.

Many of their values are related to environmental and economic sustainability, so they asked PeopleProfitPlanet to work with them to develop these values, which would also support the establishment of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.

In order to support these requirements, PPP delivered three direct engagements with Keycare:

  • Environmental Motivation workshop
  • CSR Team coaching session
  • Temperature Check workshop

Every quarter all the staff and management of Keycare have a morning away from the office to revisit their values. The first and the third of the direct engagements were at these 'Values Sessions'.

Environmental Motivation workshop was designed to focus the staff on the ecological challenges we are facing, how they could be greener in their work activities and motivate them to take action.

CSR Team coaching session was a facilitated meeting where the team considered their achievements from the previous months and looked at how they would be working going forward, focusing on which actions would be taken in the short, medium and long term.

Temperature Check workshop was an opportunity to re-engage with all the people that had attended the original event. Successes from the last three months were celebrated, and setbacks considered. The event gave an opportunity to involve the whole company in the work and plans of the CSR Team.

25 staff and management were engaged during the delivery of this programme. Not only did this programme support the development of Keycare's CSR policy, but it also led to significant savings in employee paper use and car mileage.

During the Temperature Check' the participants where asked where we had been on a scale of 1 to 10 before the initial workshop, the consensus was an honest, but low 'Three'.  He then asked where we were currently, and everybody agreed 'Five', and finally where we wanted to be in 1 year, and the consensus was an aspirational 'Eight'.

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