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Case study - Kitchen extension in London


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This small detached house in North West London has enough roof to collect useful quantities of water and the owners have already shown that they are saving money.

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Marilyn and Gerry Devine’s installation shows that you do not have to own a huge property to be able to benefit from rainwater harvesting. Their small detached house in North-West London has enough roof to collect useful quantities of water and they have already shown that they are saving money. Read on…

Gerry says “Our new kitchen extension (in background of photo) was a good opportunity to have the system installed. Our aim was to make our home in suburban London as eco-friendly as possible, with solar panels, wood burning stove and now rainwater harvesting. Thanks for helping us with the project.

“You can see the manhole cover in the photo. We are planning to camouflage it with a removable garden feature above it, though we have not yet found anything light enough to give ready access for maintenance when required.” Can anyone advise the Devines? We’ll forward emails to them.

Gerry is delighted with the results. “We have been using the rainwater for watering the garden plants, and the outside tap is very useful for washing plant pots, etc. The internal system that flushes the downstairs toilet works well. We have not connected it up to the washing machine yet but we are now considering doing this.

“The only problem we had was during one dry spell when the tank was very low the intake valve for the mains water was not activated, we believe due to the way it was installed, but following your visit we have not had any further problems and are very pleased with the system.

“We have also had a water meter installed and have had a refund of 50% of our water rates (£177) already. Together with reduced consumption due to the harvesting system and generally better awareness of how to reduce water usage (such as fitting dual flush systems to toilet cisterns) we are expecting savings of around £150 per year, though as water prices rise the savings will be more.”

“Though the builder had not fitted one before, he found the installation instructions straightforward. Several people have shown interest and we have told them we are happy to recommend Rainwater Harvesting Ltd as a reliable supplier with excellent product support.”

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