Case study - KLa Slot Injector™ Aeration System For CFAS Process


Courtesy of KLa Systems, Inc.

Project Name: Touch Panel Manufacturing Plant Wastewater Treatment
Location: Tainan Science-Based Industrial Park, Taiwan
Type of Bio-Process: CFAS
Aeration/Mixing Technology: KLa Slot Injector System
Operational Since: July, 2011

The Challenge

The plant manufactures touch panel and polarizer which are materials for LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) assemblies.  Since the manufacturing process is a semi-conductor process, the wastewater contains large quantities of organic solvent from developers, strippers and rinse liquid waste. The wastewater consists of difficult and non-biodegradable chemicals such as Dimethyl Sulphoxide (DMSO, (CH3)2SO), Ethanolamine (MEA, C2H5ONH2) and Tetramethyl Ammonium Hydroxide (TMAH, (CH3)4NOH) that result in the requirement for a large footprint and un-stable operating issues under shock load conditions when using the conventional activated sludge or fixed film process.  

The Design

The plant is located in the Tainan Science-Based Industrial Park, Taiwan and was facing an increase in organic loading due to the expansion of manufacturing capacity.  The client chose the Biowater CFAS due to its high biomass attached surface area, tolerance for shock load and small footprint.  A unique, high efficiency slot injector aeration system with a pump intake screen was supplied by KLa Systems.  The Model KSI-BJA-16 slot injector is designed for both oxygen transfer and complete mixing of the biomedia and is equipped with a 22 Kw recirculation pump and two 11 Kw blowers. Compared to conventional diffusers, the slot injector aeration system requires 33% less power consumption due to its high oxygen transfer efficiency in complex chemical effluents.  A DAF follows the CFAS and was designed for removal of residual suspended solids in the effluent.         


The system was started-up in July 2011. It saves one third of the space and meets a more stringent effluent quality compared with their existing fixed film biological process.

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