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WKC deliver a workshop on assessment methods for the evaluation of Acoustically & Flow Induced Vibration;

As a leading provider of Acoustically Induced Vibration (AIV) and Flow Induced Vibration (FIV) assessments for the oil & gas and  petrochemical sectors, WKC was invited to provide training for PETRONAS in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Led by Richard Palmer from WKC’s Abu Dhabi Office, the workshop was undertaken in collaboration with our East Asian training partner, Petrosync.

Failure of piping systems in the oil & gas and petrochemical industries can lead to asset damage, environmental impact and potentially loss of life. Piping failure can be caused by excessive piping vibration, in the form of high levels of acoustic energy, or by flow turbulence created by high forces within the piping system. A desire for increased flow rates, the use of ‘thin’ wall piping, a growing demand to reduce mass and the
requirement for fast activating valves and their use of longer piping has led to a rise in the number of potential piping failures.

Although the phenomenon of induced vibration has been understood since the 1950’s (from the aerospace industry), it is more recently that oil & gas and petrochemical process and piping engineers have come to consider these impacts in the preliminary and detailed phases of their projects.

The Course

Aimed at Project, Process & Mechanical Engineers who have involvement in the design of PETRONAS’ oil and gas assets, the course objectives were to:

  • Enable participants to be able to undertake an AIV or a FIV assessment using international best practice methods
  • Gain an understanding of the prediction, screening and assessment procedures involved
  • Provide an oversight of design measures that can be implemented to minimize the risk of induced vibration
  • Provide examples of application assessment methodologies during the design phase of a project

Over 20 delegates attended the bespoke 3 day course with a mix of mechanical and piping engineers present. Feedback was excellent!

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