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Case Study: Kuusakoski Ltd


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Kuusakoski Ltd is one of the leading recycling companies in the Baltic region. At one of their waste stations a Waterix AIRIT® 200 aerator was installed in the filtration water basin in autumn 2006.

The volume of the drainage basin is 6000 cubicmeters and normally the water level is kept at 2000 cubics. The environment is challenging, as there is lots of ammonium nitrogen and chlorides in the basin. This is the reason why the chassis of the aerator is made of acid resisting steel.

Clearly perceivable positive changes after putting the aerator at work in the basin has been the reduction of foaming and resulting more efficient pumping of the water.

Water samples are taken regularly every second week from the basin. Also in these test results it has been noticed a significant reduction of ammonium nitrogen and BOD.

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