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SteriLight Still Helping Florida Homeowner… After 9+ Years

The term “healthy home” has become a buzzword in recent years, but homeowner Richard Langton of Florida is ahead of the curve. Back in 2000, he decided to install a SteriLight ultraviolet C or “UVC” device in his home air conditioning system to clean the indoor air and prevent the growth of mold, a persistent problem in the hot and humid Florida climate.

Though UVC was still quite new to the residential market at the time, Langton learned of its health and maintenance benefits from his son, a professional HVAC engineer who installed the device. Nine years later, the original light fixture is still going strong, with no service needed other than a simple yearly changeout of the UVC Emitter tube that bathes the A/C coil in germicidal energy.

“We keep the light on all the time, and the air coming out of the unit is constantly clean and fresh,” Langton reports. “Even more surprising is the condition of the coil. When you open up the unit, the coil is clean with no sign of mold build-up. Before we used SteriLight, we had to have the coil professionally cleaned every year with a chemical solution – and even after the cleanings, we still used to see visible signs of dirt and mold.” By keeping the coil clean, SteriLight has eliminated the use of chemicals while also helping the A/C system to operate at peak efficiency.

The Langtons will continue to use SteriLight in their home and enjoy the benefits it offers. “My wife is something of a health nut, so we like the peace of mind it affords us. SteriLight is easy to use, it’s trouble-free, and it does the job,” he summarizes.

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