Case study - Lee County Water Utilities (LCWU)


Location: Fort MYers, FL

System Applied: PW1010 – Visuron Technologies, Inc.
Substrate / Area: Metal tank primary containment
Date Completed: July 2002

Project Description

Lee County Water Utilities (LCWU) needed to re-coat launderer in their clarifier. The multiply layer of paint was failing after 1 year of resurfacing. Polyurea N.S.F. was chosen because of its rapid return to service and proven history in the water & waste water environment. The clarifier launderer was sandblasted to remove multiple layers of paint to white metal. A minimum of 80 mils was applied encapsulating the launderer and metal support preventing any further rust of clarifier. The polyurea shows no wear as the counter part would be schedule for another paint job.

Customer comments

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