Case Study: Middlehaven Dock Reclamation Project, Middlesbrough


Courtesy of Heijmans Blackwell Remediation Ltd

Blackwell were initially engaged as the earthworks and remediation contractor for phase one of the enabling package, within the design and build team for the reclamation of the disused dock area in preparation for the development phase including domestic and commercial schemes. The scheme was subsequently extended to include the extension of the developable area into the dock behind a sheet pile retaining wall.

The general philosophy of the reclamation scheme was the re-use of all materials available on the site within the construction of the road corridor and development plateaux. As a consequence of the varied historically useage of the site and it’s subsequent dereliction, the earthworks materials comprised of:

  • Reworked oversite clays
  • 53,000 cu.m of contaminated dock silt dredged from elsewhere on the Tees and contained in lagoons and a discrete section of the dock
  • 45,000 cu.m of stockpiles of spoil builders rubble from years of adjacent development
  • 17,000 cu.m demolition arisings from buildings, stocking yards and dock walls
  • 125,000 cu.m of dredged silt from the main dock area

The remediation techniques employed included:

  • The separation, screening and crushing of the demolition arisings and miscellaneous stockpiles
  • The selective excavation and removal of hot spots contamination
  • The bio remediation of contaminated silts
  • The screening, drying and blending of dredged silts

Other works included within the phase one site preparation package included the refurbishment of the existing dock wall and gates, the construction of a new sheet pile wall clad with prepared stone and the import of upfill materials.

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