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Case study - Millbrook / General Motors


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Millbrook Proving Ground is one of the largest vehicle testing centres for the global automotive industry in Europe, constructed by General Motors. Today, they have a world-wide client base and test tracks for a whole range of vehicles. They chose Carbon Credentials, a leading supplier of Carbon & Energy Management software and related services, to conduct air conditioning inspections for compliance and achievement of corporate goals.

The site comprised of a 700 acre vehicle testing facility with multiple multi-purpose buildings located nearby. The site had been established in the mid 1960's and undergone multiple developments since then. Millbrook realised the need for an A/C inspection not just to meet its compliance requirements, but also to contribute to their 10% YOY cost reduction target.

Following an air conditioning inspection of air handling units, chillers, fan coils and split systems, the report identified a series of low cost measures to enable them to achieve energy efficiency. Some of the recommendations were installation of sub-meters on the main air conditioning plant, keeping windows closed when air conditioning is on, addition of daylight controls, regular cleaning of AHU filters and coils, and addition of C02 control to the ventilation plant. They already have a basic maintenance regime in place which would benefit from further enhancement like availability of maintenance schedule on site and random checks of awkward jobs.

The measures were estimated to produce 10-30% savings in running cost of the air conditioning system. They will also help in understanding the energy usage, dramatically reducing the running costs, improving the quality of air and life span of the equipment.

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