Case study minimal site disruption with RetroFAST


Courtesy of Bio-Microbics, Inc.

Installer: Carleton Environmental Services, Inc. in conjunction with L&S Water Technologies, Inc.
Location: Ontario, Canada

Rob Sanna, technical advisor for L&S Water Technologies, was contacted by a homeowner in September 2003 to provide maintenance and pump out for a 14-year-old conventional septic system utilizing a sand drain fi eld. The system was bleeding out, creating small ponds of sewage around the yard. The homeowners knew they had a problem. They had started exploring their options, but were worried that the installation of a new system would damage the unique hedges that lined the perimeter of their yard.

Previous to Sanna’s maintenance visit, the homeowners had contacted a local onsite engineer about their situation. The engineer inspected the site and specifi ed a Bio-Microbics MicroFAST 0.5 with a new concrete tank and lateral lines. With extraction of the old septic tank and installation of a new tank and lateral lines, the homeowners feared the worst for their yard’s landscaping. Additionally, the only access to the back yard was through a 48” wide gate.

homeowners discussed their situation with Sanna during his maintenance visit. They were still looking for alternatives, having decided against the MicroFAST 0.5 specifi ed by the previous engineer. “While we were working on the project, we received the RetroFAST brochure from Bio-Microbics. We thought this product might be a good fi t for this situation, so we mentioned it to the homeowners,” said Sanna.

Sanna met with the homeowners again and explained that RetroFAST utilizes the same fi xed-fi lm, aerobic treatment process as the proven FAST system, but is specifi cally designed for installation into existing septic tanks with minimal site disruption. This design feature, along with RetroFAST’s proven ability to renovate biologicallyfailed soil absorption systems, provided the homeowners with the solution they had hoped for. Additionally, the RetroFAST installation cost was substantially less than the previous project requiring a new tank, treatment unit and laterals.

With the decision made, L&S Water Technologies approached the local onsite inspector about the project and the RetroFAST installation was approved.

Although this was Sanna’s fi rst time seeing the RetroFAST system installed, he was surprised at the ease of installation. The RetroFAST unit was inserted into the existing tank, and then piped directly to the existing drainfi eld. A single chamber was used to vent the system below grade. Lastly, the airline was piped up to the blower that was placed inside the homeowners backyard shed. Installation was completed in a day, including the local inspector’s oversight and project approval. The inspector was very pleased overall. “We went back to check things out about 2 weeks after the installation, and after a steady rain,” said Sanna. “We didn’t see any signs of ponding. The ground wasn’t squishy and the levels inside the tank and the RetroFAST were normal.” A year later, the system was inspected again, and all signs of backup had completely disappeared. Thanks to L&S Water Technologies, Carleton Environmental

Services and RetroFAST, these homeowners now have a repaired septic system, a rejuvenated soil absorption system and lovely hedges.

About Bio-Microbics, Inc.

With a worldwide emphasis on environmental concerns and improving water quality, Bio- Microbics manufactures proven wastewater and storm water treatment systems for decentralized communities and commercial properties. Ideal for concrete, fi berglass, steel, or plastic tanks, our popular Bio-Microbics wastewater treatment systems deliver consistent high performance in a simple, pre-engineered, modular design. Successfully used for over 35 years, the advanced FAST (Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment) technology is installed in municipal, industrial, marine, commercial and residential properties located around the globe.

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