Moncton, NB Oulton Business School - Case Study


Courtesy of Ivey International Inc.

Proposed Use

Continued use as a Business College during and after site remediation. Located in the downtown commercial business area.

Description of Project

The majority of the subsurface contamination was found present under one quarter of the building and associated corner-classrooms. These classrooms were temporarily sealed off from the rest of the building for health and safety reasons.

A large window and section of the brick wall was then removed to allow a mini-excavator  access  to the classroom. The concrete floor was also removed and the excavation was completed to a depth of approximately two to four metres in some areas.
Prior to backfilling, a network of injection galleries and a recovery well were installed.

After a vapour extraction system was installed the excavated area was filled to grade and restored. The system was activated and the room was made available to the college as a classroom during the entire subsequent remediation process.

In order to deal with less permeable soils in the area which may impede transportation, a large amount of contaminated soil was excavated and removed from this site. Residual contamination that seeped into the high permeable (crushed stone) back-filled area was quickly drawn into the recovery well for subse-quent treatment.

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