Case study: Morrison brothers vibratory mold dump conveyor


Courtesy of General Kinematics


Morrison Bros. Foundry in Dubuque Iowa had been receiving reliable service from an existing General Kinematics Two-Mass Vibratory Shakeout. However, the vibratory mold dump conveyor prior to the vibratory shakeout was showing clear signs of being past the point of good service. The vibratory conveyor that had been installed by another company exhibited trough damage, inconsistent conveyance rates, and sand sticking and build up on the trough. All these problems, compounded with difficulties in servicing the existing conveyor due to outdated design, lead Morrison Bros. to look for a new solution.


General Kinematics teamed with our Sales Representative, Foundry Equipment Company of Solon, Iowa. Under the direction of Duane Krob, we met with Duane and Terry Krob of FECo to properly field measure the conveyor. Installed in a pit beneath the foundry floor, the existing conveyor ran with only 1″ to 2″ clearance to the concrete wall and adjacent belt conveyor steel.

Setting a datum plane and measuring with flow, FECo and GKC recorded dimensions to allow GKC Design Engineers to properly design a new vibratory conveyor that would be easy to service and improve the customers foundry process.


General Kinematics provided a custom trough and base arrangement along with tried and tested Syncro-Coil II® low headroom vibratory conveyor drive system. This allowed for improved clearance to the overhead floor plates and created more room for the molds to enter the unit. Sand sticking problems on the inclined portion were resolved by utilizing three banks of electric tubular resistance heaters and insulation package, all professionally installed into the GK vibratory conveyor before shipment.


Once installed, the vibratory conveyor was proven to be able to handle the surge loading and deliver molds to the General Kinematics vibratory shakeout. Run time efficiency improved and maintenance issues are no longer occurring.

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