Case Study - Najar Constructione


Courtesy of Simon Moos Maskinfabrik A/S

Key facts

Constructoro Najar

Sotomayor, 430, Castro Chile


Simon Moos solution
KSA-Mobile sludge dewatering

Customer profile

Najar Construcciones are a small family business located on the island Chi- loe off the west coast of Chile in South America. The company's main busi¬ness is recovering sand and construction material from the ground for use in roads and building projects. Another part of the company business is the collection and disposal of wastewater and sludge's from treatment plants, septic tanks and restaurant grease.

Customer Vision : To be the first in South America to offer Mobile dewatering !

Fidel Navaro Ulla, owner of Constructuctoro Najar, explained that although they were a small business, they had visions of better ways of treating wastewater and sludge's throughout Chile, and would like to be the first company on South America with the capability to offer mobile dewatering. They also mentioned that they wanted a machine that would give them the opportunity to offer drain and sewage line cleaning and jetting services, which were currently not available where they were. This was very relevant, because many of the pipes in the roads of Chileo were blocked after years of neglect and that this lead to problems - especially in times of heavy rainfall.

The jetting ability was the + that convinced !

In 2008 we invited Najar Constructuro to visit our factory in Denmark. At the first customer meeting, we always arrange a live demo of our dewa- tering equipment - working in practice at one of our customers. Najar Con¬structuro were very impressed - and especially because the KSA was also able to fulfill their jetting requirements - they where convinced! Therefore, during their visit they immediately placed an order for one of our KSA mobile sludge dewatering machines.

The Chilean authorities are showing great interest in the KSA !

At delivery, a Simon Moos representative went to Chile to instruct the cus¬tomer on how to operate the KSA. After a number of demonstrations at various sites around where the company is located on the island of Chiloe, it was obvious that the equipment would be a success! Fidel Navarro Ul- loa, owner of Constructora Najar, held a meeting for all the local authori¬ties and wastewater treatment businesses, where a presentation of the equipment and its applications was outlined. The presentation was well received and all attending were keen to hear what the new equipment would be able to do for them and the problems they were facing. Since delivery we have maintained contact with the company - and they have only had positive news with regard to the equipment. Najar have informed us that the Chilean authorities are now showing great interest in the equipment, and they are presently negotiating contracts with Najar for other locations throughout Chile!

Product facts

The KSA is developed for mobile sludge dewatering in connection with emptying of septic tanks, ser- vicestations, grease traps, petrol & oil seperators, carwash, WWTP, Gullyes etc. etc.

  • The KSA system is a very effective system, which is characterized by:
  • Large volume reduction - typical > 90 %.
  • High dry matter percentage in dewatered sludge - normally > 15 %.
  • High COD and BOD5 reduction - up to 95%.
  • A mobile system with large draining capacity.
  • A well-tested system with 30+ years development experience.
  • A system where you due to volume reduction obtain an attractive total economy as a result of reduced wages, fuel and depositing costs.

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