Case Study Norderney LOG_aLevel_ENG


Courtesy of General Acoustics e.K.

Northsea Wave and Level Measuring Station

In the operation of the research centre coast of the NLWKN–Norden-Norderney

Apart from the coastal engineering, the coastal surveying and morphology, the storm tide warning service of the NLWKN-Norden-Norderney belong to the specific questions and tasks of the coastal area.

The German Wadden Sea and the estuary regions are affected by dynamic changes of tides and swell. A recording and an evaluation of the occurring processes are of great importance as a basis for the environmental precaution and the coastal protection. For these reasons a tide/wave measuring station of the company General Acoustics GmbH was installed on a measuring dolphin between the islands of Norderney and Juist.

The System

The system is called LOG_aLevel, which measures the wave contours by means of ultrasonic sensor technology in resolution of a millimetre range. The data are internally stored on a Data logger with memory card. The measured wave/level data are also directly transferred via GPRS modem in real time to the research centre. The installed LOG_aLevel system works absolutely independent concerning energy due to the use of a connected wind generator. The positively effect of the ultrasonic technology is, that it consumes only approx. a tenth of the energy, as e.g. commercial radar systems. Thus the effort for generation of energy and the capacity of the buffer battery can be reduced to the most necessary.

One of the benefits of the efficient ultrasonic sensors, which only have a beam angle of approx. 3° as well as emitting a high sound pressure, is the light weight of only 250 gram. This is the reason why the sensor only needs a short bracket of approx. 1.5 meters for the mounting.

User oriented technology concept

Because of the bi-directional communication between the system and the LOG_aLevel software all operating parameters of the station can be set from the distance. Possibilities are a multi-event control, definition of the measuring regime of the continuous mode to the periodic mode, alerting, etc.

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