Ocean effluent discharge - Case study


Courtesy of Nomadic Systems Inc.

British Columbia’s fly-in recreational fishing lodge industry was threatened by federal regulators to be closed or fined up to $200,000 unless the sewage wastewater was treated. NOMADIC kept them open and operating.

Three types of fly-in recreational fishing lodges are located on the west coast of British Columbia operate 6 – 8 weeks per year, employ approximately 500 persons for the season and provide BC with an estimated annual economic benefit to the province of $25 – 35 million. One type of fishing lodge is land-based, another is a floating hotel barge and the third is a series of floating buildings joined together.

The unique issues to be resolved for the floating fishing lodges were to (a) change the direction of the wastewater from a direct discharge into the waterway into a wastewater treatment unit, (b) manage the weight distribution of a fully operational treatment unit, (c) manage the affect of the waterway’s colder water environment, (d) select a treatment technology that would not only meet the Federal government’s Fisheries Act requirements but also meet these requirements on day one of operation.

NOMADIC provided various solutions to meet floating fishing lodge site specific needs. From custom built sewage lift stations to fit under the log booms, to macerating specialized pump systems, to aeration systems for high strength wastewater, to on-deck wastewater treatment unit systems, to floating wastewater treatment units NOMADIC solved the sticker problem of meeting the objectives of the Fisheries Act on day one in order to meet the requirements of the Fisheries Act and the Directives issued to the fishing lodges by the in-the-field officers.

NOMADIC solved the treatment levels on day one problem by utilizing the Bio-Microbics Inc. BioBarrier technology. The BioBarrier is the only tested and proven system that meets the NSF Standard 350 for reclaimed water and meets the Canadian Federal Fisheries Act.

Recently NOMADIC shipped out the last of the units for this year’s fishing season that starts in a few days from now.

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